5 Fitness Video Games That Burn Calories & Make Working Out FUN

Many of us have a TON of things we’d rather do than workout. That includes playing video games.

The problem is… most video gaming experience is sedentary. Not to mention, it’s easy to lose track of time… and your waistline.

Don’t worry, though, dear friend. There is a beautiful balance for video game hobbyists who want to enjoy gaming while staying fit.

This is especially important while we’re all facing COVID-19 quarantine. All of us are forced to stay indoors, and physical activity may be the last thing we’re worried about with all of that nonsense.

If you’re someone who loves digital adventures but wants to keep fitness in your schedule without dreading it, keep reading.

Below we’ll look at 5 SUPER FUN Fitness Video Games to get you active without even realizing you’re working out. All of these products will have you sweating, but you’ll never notice compared to the fun you’re having.

These video game fitness products are in no particular order. They each offer entirely unique experiences that vary in cost and space restrictions.

What we can guarantee…

They’re all super fun, and there’s an option for everyone of every age, budget, and fitness level.

Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo continued on with this trend throughout the next two consoles (though the Wii 2 did not perform as well as it’s predecessor).

The Switch, however, has flipped the Switch for Nintendo and is a widely beloved console with an ever-growing fanbase.

One of it’s most innovative and exciting releases if Ring Fit Adventure. Ring Fit Adventure is an action RPG that utilizes a ring device the size of a cymbal to play. The ring is used to move and manipulate the player’s character.

With vibrantly exciting visuals and a VERY unique play-style, Ring Fit Adventure is definitely worth looking into.


Zwift is an MMO where people from around the world can come together and race through virtual environments together!

Riders will need a bicycle and Zwift device that attaches (replaces) the bike’s back tire. This is what lets the Zwift software record and track a rider’s movement.

Zwift intends to expand its market to include runners too. So if you’d like to enjoy some communal cardio without leaving your living room, Zwift is an excellent option.

Just be warned, it is on the pricier side of this list, especially if you don’t already own a proper bike.

VR (Virtual Reality Headsets)

(and even then… you really can’t understand until you’re there).

Top VR contenders are the Occulus Rift and the Valve Index, which immerse players into incredible environments that must be seen to be believed.

Even games that are considered “fitness-related” will have you out of breath and having a GREAT TIME. Pricing and hardware capabilities vary, with the Index being the most expensive(but also most impressive) VR experience on the market. From sword fights to gladiatorial rings- to dance games, VR truly makes you engage with virtual reality like never before.


The Activ5 uses Isometric movement to give you a great resistance workout using the pressure you create upon the hand-device. It comes with a plethora of exercise sessions, tips, and even games you can play while in use.

It’s actually really great for people of any age, and it’s cheaper than a few other options on this list… but it would definitely be a better option for people who aren’t as passionate about video games as a whole.

Pokemon GO

Whether that be in their backyards, public sidewalks… the woods

… or in the middle of busy Manhattan streets

Yeah, it was a weird time.

While it has faded in popularity a bit, it still has a strong fanbase, it’s FREE to download, and it is a GREAT way to get outside and really feel like you’re on an adventure.

There’s a good chance it might see a resurgence when going outside becomes more… normal again. But if you observe social distancing practices and wear masks, it’s a nice way to get outdoors and get some exercise.

If you don’t wanna spend a lot of $$ but still want to enjoy your gaming hobby outdoors, it’s an awesome option.

Fitness Video Games Give APM A Whole Meaning

If you’ve tried any of these fitness video game devices, let us know in the comments below!

Until then, see ya next time!

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