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Google Chrome Extensions are an awesome way to save precious time as a freelance copywriter and entrepreneur. I rely on several Google Chrome Extensions every day (all but one of which is free) to help me stay productive, knowledgeable- even healthy.

While you might find dozens of listicles filled with 50+ Google Chrome Extensions… I’ve decided to chop that list down to the bare bones. These extensions make my life as a creative entrepreneur easier and more efficient. They’re all free, and I’m only talking about Google Chrome extensions I’ve used personally and on a regular basis.

WooRank is the…

If COVID made one thing clear… it’s just how and why small business is important in our communities. It was also made abundantly clear how big corporations thrive even in the worst of circumstances… and usually at the cost of our communities and their own employees.

As a freelance copywriter with a graphic design background, I wanted to talk about 5 Free Design Tools with my fellow small business friends who want high-end visuals without shelling out for a high-end price tag.

(similarly, here’s a link to my top 10 favorite apps for small business owners if you’re interested)


The Life-Changing Tools That Save Me HOURS

So I had something mind-boggling happen to me literally the day before posting this blog. This mind-boggling discovery is what led to this unexpected blog being written and posted in the first place.

If you follow my Instagram account, then you’ll probably notice I post a LOT of memes about how much I hate cold emailing, but I also post those memes because I know I’m not the only one.

In my experience, cold emailing is the least fun aspect of running a business. And up until yesterday, it was a chore that I absolutely dreaded and often put off…

Many of us have a TON of things we’d rather do than workout. That includes playing video games.

The problem is… most video gaming experience is sedentary. Not to mention, it’s easy to lose track of time… and your waistline.

Don’t worry, though, dear friend. There is a beautiful balance for video game hobbyists who want to enjoy gaming while staying fit.

This is especially important while we’re all facing COVID-19 quarantine. All of us are forced to stay indoors, and physical activity may be the last thing we’re worried about with all of that nonsense.

If you’re someone who…

***Full disclaimer: I am not a medical or nutritional expert. I’m a writer and someone who has lived and dealt with anxiety and emotional eating my entire life. Below is an amalgamation of research and personal experience intended to help you see that you’re not the only one facing this.

You should always consult a medical professional if you believe you’re suffering from anxiety. These are just some tips that helped me gain better control over my anxiety.***

Now, onto the article…

We all experience anxiety to different degrees, but we all experience it. …


I write copy & tell stories (and they often overlap)

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