Why Small Business Is Important: 5 Free Design Tools You Need To Succeed

If COVID made one thing clear… it’s just how and why small business is important in our communities. It was also made abundantly clear how big corporations thrive even in the worst of circumstances… and usually at the cost of our communities and their own employees.

As a freelance copywriter with a graphic design background, I wanted to talk about 5 Free Design Tools with my fellow small business friends who want high-end visuals without shelling out for a high-end price tag.

(similarly, here’s a link to my top 10 favorite apps for small business owners if you’re interested)

Alright, let’s talk apps!


I discovered Visme after they reached out to me a few months ago to try their product (this post is not sponsored). I’d never heard of Visme at that point, but after messing around in their software, I fell in love.

It’s intuitive, fluid, and hosts tons of design options. Visme’s free version has more than enough features to help you create INCREDIBLE presentations, infographics, printables- even portfolio spec for my fellow creative freelancers).


Canva is a fantastic little design app that I use to create posts and graphics for blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

While I DO NOT recommend you design your LOGO in Canva, I adore Canva’s easy-to-use interface for creating quick, quality-looking graphics for my social media platforms and blogs.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is another design tool much like Canva and Visme. Just like Visme and Canva, Adobe Spark offers paid plans, but the free plan has more than enough features to create nice branded graphics and social media posts.

Quite frankly, choosing between Canva and Spark will most likely be a matter of preference on your part.

Canva Font Combinations

I recently discovered this awesome font cohesion app. Canva Font Combinations is a super easy tool that lets you compare and combine different font-styles in your design.

Selecting complimentary fonts is VERY important when designing anything. If you want a clean, cohesive, and professional design reflecting your brand, keep this tool close.


DaFont is a long-time favorite website where you can download tons of different (and usually free) fonts for your designs. I’m one of those people who can spend hours just browsing through webpage after webpage of pretty font styles!

Font choice is just as important as every other element in your design. Be sure you find the font that best represents your brand AND your design (just make sure there aren’t any IP infringement issues, of course). :)

Bonus: WhatFont Tool

Now, this tool is a gamechanger for me, I JUST discovered this and HAD to share it with you. If you’ve ever done any sort of design work, you know one of the MOST frustrating things is trying to find the name of a specific font you’ve seen somewhere online.

I can’t tell you how many hours I used to waste as a baby marketer looking through sites like “DaFont” to see if I could “match” fonts that no one knew the name of but wanted for a design.

Apparently, the incredible folks at chengyinliu.com decided to fix that! Add it as a Chrome extension, click the “WhatFont Tool” icon in your Chrome extension bar, and hover your mouse over the font on a webpage!

Awesome, right? Or maybe I’m just easily excited by this sort of thing…

Don’t Worry If Design Still Just Isn’t Your Thing

If you’re still finding designing visuals and graphics for your business to be anything but enjoyable, don’t be afraid to bring in some outside help.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting my own business (as well as speaking with other business owners), it’s embracing what you’re good at, and being open to sharing the load for stuff you aren’t as hype to do.

Graphic design is a specialized skill that people spend years (and lots of$$ on college) to master, so don’t sweat it if it’s not your thing.

There are tons of graphic designers who would love nothing more than to bring your business to life!

Take it easy,


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